About Myself

Hello, how are you? I hope everything is well. My name is Dara McGee. I am a writer, journalist, and mental health advocate from the Chicagoland area. Currently, I am graduate student at Northwestern University pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Counseling. My goal is to focus on people who have endured sexual assault or any type of sexual violence. I would also love to expand my love for research and begin my own research studies pertaining to sexual assault and the after effects that come from that, as well as other topics of interest. From a young age, I have always pondered the complexities of the brain. I was fascinated by the way the brain works and how it affects our thoughts and our behaviors. The brain is one of the most powerful organs that we possess, but yet, we know so little about its abilities. While many of those abilities are beneficial to our day to day lives, sometimes it may seem like our brains are working against us. Millions of people endure mental distress due to so many factors, and with that being said, they need a space to just let go; release the tension that is building up inside them and get a chance to breathe. I used to envision myself in my own office with bright red circle glasses jotting down my clients woes about life, comforting them and giving my own expertise on how to better their situation. Through counseling, I hope to be able to make a safe space for those seeking healing, as well as a voice in promoting the importance of mental health in Black and POC communities. I am so excited to continue this journey into the world of mental health. My goal is simple; I just want to help people, and I hope mental health is the way to do it. My goal is to one day open my own private practice and establish my own mental health clinic across the country. 

I created this blog because I wanted to express my love for talking about mental health, as well as create a place where mental health can be talked about without judgment. There are also a myriad of topics that I want to discuss on this platform other than mental health; politics, philosophy, neuroscience, current events, so on and so forth. I love to write poetry and short stories too and I post them on this platform sometimes as well! This blog is a therapeutic outlet for me, and hopefully one day it can be for many people. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a Minor in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University. Although I am nearing more so the psychological route, I still have a deep passion and yearning for story-telling. I would love to be able to utilize my journalism skills in order to report on important findings pertaining to mental health and wellness, as well as other topics revolving around the brain. From there…who knows what’s in store! 

Okay, what else is there to say? Ummm…my favorite food is fried green tomatoes (my Mom makes the best ones, but I am coming up slowly). I like to cook actually, and bake; you can thank quarantine for that. I can talk about astrology for hours, as I’m a Gemini with a fire moon. My self care routine always consists of candles or something that smells good. I love crafting, especially if it involves clay making. I can’t decide whether Shutter Island, Black Swan, or The Truman Show is my favorite movie, but I am a fan of psychological thrillers. My favorite colors are burgundy and pink, my favorite animal is a narwhal, and I want to travel all over the world, especially Italy, Senegal, and Mexico. I went to France and Spain when I was 16 and it was such a wonderful time. I can’t think of anything else, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Thank you for checking out my blog!