About Myself


How are you? Good I hope.

I just wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself as well as let you know a few things about me, the person behind this blog.

My name is Dara Michele. I am a writer, poet, and aspiring mental health professional. As a black woman, I believe that there is a great need for black women and black people in general to occupy spaces to better promote mental health. At the moment, I plan to be a mental health or licensed clinical professional counselor. Whatever God wants me to do in the field, I pray that I do it well and I have great success with it.

I have been writing my whole life. I would spend my days as a child writing books underneath my kitchen table. I would draw the pictures as my Mother would write down the things that I told her I wanted to say. Somewhere in our basement are a bunch of little stories that I wrote. I got into poetry when I was around the age of thirteen (back when I thought every line had to rhyme with each other…ah, young, naive girl). Some of the things that I like to talk about are feminist/womanist issues, politics, current events, and of course psychology. Anything that is happening in the black community, I try to give my take on it.

I hope that the things that I write on here not only give people a different perspective, but I hope that I am able to inspire as well. That is one of the biggest things that I want to do when it comes to my purpose. I want to be able to share my testimony one day and help someone else who is going through a tough time. My goal in life is to help others, no matter how cliche that sounds.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • my favorite color is burgundy
  • I have been to France and Spain. Paris is so beautiful in the spring!
  • I am a Gemini and an astrology enthusiast
  • My favorite food are french fries
  • I am a struggling vegan
  • I am from Chicago, Illinois (born and raised)
  • I love 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music. Those are the best eras musically.
  • My favorite holiday is a tie between Halloween and Christmas
  • My favorite movie is Shutter Island
  • My style icon is Fran Fine from The Nanny
  • I love Eartha Kitt and Josephine Baker (I was always told that I was very theatrical like they were)
  • I love to travel and want to visit Ghana, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Bali, Denmark, and a few other places
  • My favorite singer is Billie Holiday
  • I am addicted to Kombucha (Kevita’s Pineapple Peach Master Brew Kombucha is the best!)
  • I want to learn how to do aerial silks one day