About Myself


How are you? Good I hope.

I just wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself as well as let you know a few things about me, the person behind this blog.

  • My name is Dara Michele
  • I was named after a jewelry store…you can find inspiration anywhere I guess
  • I am twenty years old
  • I am a Gemini sun, Aries moon, Libra rising (I’m kind of obsessed with astrology)
  • I am a Chicago native born and raised…and a very proud one at that!
  • I’m a struggling vegetarian. I don’t eat meat at all, but I crave gyros almost everyday
  • I love writing. Short stories, poetry, news stories, you name it! I love writing it
  • I play three instruments (violin, viola, piano). I never said I was good…I just play them.
  • I’m kind of running out of things to say….um….my favorite color to wear is burgundy.
  • I have been to France and Spain before. Oh and Canada, can’t forget Canada.
  • I want to travel back to France again, and then I want to go to New York, Italy, Ghana, South Africa, London, and anywhere the Lord will take me
  • I love traveling, but traveling costs money, and I have none of that, so…
  • My favorite word is idiosyncratic
  • I love 80s and 90s R&B, but I can appreciate all types of music
  • I would love to learn fluent Spanish